Thanks to everyone who attended the Clontarf 1014-2014 conference at Trinity.

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The 16th Friends of Medieval Dublin symposium entitled Clontarf 1014-2014 will take place the 11-12th April at the Edmund Burke Theatre in Trinity College Dublin

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Vikings, Brian Boru and the battle of Clontarf

For those interested in the history of medieval Dublin, 2014 marks the millennium of one of the most important events in medieval Ireland.

The Battle of Clontarf in April 1014 was hugely significant in medieval Ireland and this year’s Friends conference is dedicated to exploring the context, course and legacy of the battle of Clontarf and Ireland’s most famous medieval king Brian Boru.

This free conference will run for TWO DAYS and will be packed full of papers presented by the foremost experts on this period of Ireland’s history, making this year’s symposium a must-see for all enthusiasts of medieval Ireland.

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The new Friends of Medieval Dublin publication, Medieval Dublin XIII, is in bookshops and was launched this weekend at the Clontarf 1014-2014 conference!

The finished product is on route to the bookshops!

This volume has important studies on the political, social and literary history of Dublin from the Viking Age to the dawn of the modern era.  See PUBLICATION page on this site for contents or check out Four Courts Press details below.



Milestones of Medieval Dublin have concluded for this year and we would just like to thank all of our speakers for a wonderful lecture series!

We hope to see all of you at our next series beginning in June 2014.

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