Tales of Medieval Dublin

The TALES OF MEDIEVAL DUBLIN lecture series provided a chance for modern audiences to meet the extraordinary citizens of this colorful medieval city and to hear their stories.

This series has now drawn to a close and a volume containing a selection of these lectures is forthcoming to be edited by the Friends.

2012 -June -December lineup:

TMD poster


19 June 2012 ‘The Miller’s Tale’ by Claire Walsh
(The Miller’s Tale video podcast)
17 July 2012 ‘The Duibh Linn(ers’) Tale’ by Edmond O’Donovan
(The Duibh Linn(ers’) Tale video podcast)
21 August 2012 ‘The Slave’s Tale’ by Poul Holm
(The Slave’s Tale video podcast)
18 September 2012 ‘The Crusader’s Tale’ by Edward Coleman
( The Crusader’s Tale video podcast)
9 October 2012 ‘The Augustinian’s Tale’ by Stuart Kinsella
20 November 2012 ‘The Potter’s Tale’ by Clare McCutcheon
( The Potter’s Tale video podcast)
11 December 2012 ‘The Poet’s Tale’ by Katharine Simms
( The Poet’s Tale video podcast)

2011 – June – December lineup:

2011 Tales poster


21 June 2011 ‘The Viking’s Tale’ by Stephen Harrison
(The Viking’s Tale video podcast)
12 July 2011 ‘The Mother’s Tale’ by Howard B. Clarke
(The Mother’s Tale video podcast)
9 August 2011 ‘The Peasant’s Tale’ by Cherie N. Peters
(The Peasant’s Tale video podcast)
20 September 2011 ‘The Archdeacon’s Tale’ by Margaret Murphy
(The Archdeacon’s Tale video podcast)
11 October 2011 ‘The Mason’s Tale’ by Michael O’Neill
(The Mason’s Tale video podcast)
22 November 2011 ‘The Notary’s Tale’ by Caoimhe Whelan
(The Notary’s Tale video podcast)
13 December 2011 ‘The Man of Law’s Tale’ by Colm Lennon

2010 – June – December lineup:

Tales of MD 2010


15 June 2010 ‘The Abbot’s Tale’ by Sean Duffy
20 July 2010 ‘The Skeleton’s Tale’ by Linzi Simpson
(The Skeleton’s Tale video podcast)
17 August 2010 ‘The Merchant’s Tale’ by Grace O’Keeffe
(The Merchant’s Tale video podcast)
21 September 2010 ‘The Outlaw’s Tale’ by Aine Foley
(The Outlaw’s Tale video podcast)
19 October 2010 ‘The Heretic’s Tale’ by Bernadette Williams
(The Heretic’s Tale video podcast)
23 November 2010 ‘The Wife’s Tale’ by Gillian Kenny
14 December 2010 ‘The Knight’s Tale’ by Sparky Booker
(The Knight’s Tale video podcast)