Medieval Dublin series

Medieval Dublin Volumes

These volumes result in the main from the proceedings of annual free public symposia, organised by the Friends of Medieval Dublin and held at Trinity College Dublin, at which current research is presented on the archaeology and history of the medieval settlement. The purpose of these volumes is to provide a ‘clearer picture of the early growth of this remarkable city’(Seán Duffy, editor’s Preface, Medieval Dublin I). (Downloadble PDF of the Medieval Dublin series, volumes i-xiv)


Medieval Dublin XIV

This volume contains reports on a number of important archaeological excavations in the Dublin area in recent years, including Claire Walsh’s discovery of a medieval property plot at Back Lane, which contained the remains of Hiberno-Norse and Anglo-Norman houses; Alan Hayden’s investigation of the medieval riverine environment in Temple Bar with vital insights into the … Continue reading Medieval Dublin XIV

Medieval Dublin XIII

This volume has important studies on the political, social and literary history of Dublin from the Viking Age to the dawn of the modern era. Eoin O’Flynn reconstructs the relationship between the Vikings of Dublin and the Clann Cholmáin kings; Denis Casey looks inside Viking Dublin at the ruling élite that included an officer called … Continue reading Medieval Dublin XIII

Medieval Dublin XII

This twelfth volume of proceedings of the annual Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium contains reports on recent archaeological excavations in and around Dublin city. Claire Walsh found for the first time evidence of a Hiberno-Norse community living outside the walled city in the Coombe, and Alan Hayden traces the later archaeology of the area in … Continue reading Medieval Dublin XII

Medieval Dublin XI

The highlight of this eleventh volume of proceedings of the annual Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium is undoubtedly Linzi Simpson’s monumental update of her groundbreaking ‘Forty years a-digging’ study of archaeological digs in Dublin City (published in volume one of this series) to take in the ‘Celtic Tiger’ years. To this are added the results … Continue reading Medieval Dublin XI

Medieval Dublin X

  This tenth volume of proceedings of the annual Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium contains reports on recent archaeological excavations: Sinéad Phelan found evidence for Hiberno-Norse activity on Hammond Lane; Giles Dawkes discusses his excavations at Church Street and May Lane; Alan Hayden relays his findings from a dig on the site of a late-medieval mill … Continue reading Medieval Dublin X

Medieval Dublin IX

This is the ninth volume of published proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposia held annually in Trinity College Dublin. It contains, as usual, reports on recent archaeological excavations and papers of historical interest. Claire Walsh reveals what she found when she excavated an important site at Chancery Lane just south of Dublin Castle, … Continue reading Medieval Dublin IX

Medieval Dublin VIII

This eighth volume of proceedings of the annual Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium contains reports on recent archaeological excavations: Edmund O’Donovan’s excavation at Golden Lane produced early Viking burials, while Claire Walsh found traces of an early pre-Viking roadway nearby at Chancery Lane, and Roseanne Meenan reports on investigations in Stephen Street Lower. Linzi Simpson suggests … Continue reading Medieval Dublin VIII

Medieval Dublin VII

  This seventh volume of proceedings of the annual Friends of Medieval Dublin symposium contains, in the archaeological arena, John Ó Néill’s assessment of the significance for Viking-Age rural settlement in the Dublin region of his excavations at Cherrywood, and, among other landmark studies, a report by Abi Cryerhall on her excavations of the medieval ‘Hangman’s … Continue reading Medieval Dublin VII

Medieval Dublin VI

The symposium, which was held in Dublin on 29 May 2004, was the sixth annual symposium held under the auspices of the ‘Friends of medieval Dublin’. Contents: Patrick Wallace (Director, National Museum of Ireland) – Appreciation of John de Courcy Linzi Simpson (Archaeologist, Margaret Gowen & Co. Ltd) – Viking warrior burials in Dublin: is this the longphort? Cathal Daly (Freelance archaeologist)– Beyond … Continue reading Medieval Dublin VI

Medieval Dublin V

These proceedings of the fifth public symposium, held by the Friends of Medieval Dublin in 2003, include numerous essays on the city during medieval times. Contents: Linzi Simpson – Excavations on the southern side of the medieval town at Ship Street Little, Dublin Pádraig Ó Riain – Dublin’s oldest book? A list of saints ‘made in Germany’ John Ó … Continue reading Medieval Dublin V

Medieval Dublin IV

The fourth volume in the series includes, for the first time, essays on north Dublin. Contents: Tim Coughlan – Excavations at the medieval cemetery of St Peter’s church, Dublin Eileen Reilly – The contribution of insect remains to an understanding of the environment of Viking-age and medieval Dublin James Lydon – The defences of Dublin in the middle ages Cathal Duddy – The … Continue reading Medieval Dublin IV

Medieval Dublin III

The third volume in the series includes numerous essays on the city plus an appreciation of the late Leo Swan, who died in 2001 (and was a contributor to the first volume in the series). Contents: Georgina Scally – The earthern banks and walled defences of Dublin’s north-east corner Alex Woolf – Amlaíb Cuarán and the Gael, 941-81 Alan … Continue reading Medieval Dublin III

Medieval Dublin II

These papers comprise a balance of archaeological and historical studies and constitute the second volume in the series. Contents: Margaret Gowen – Excavations at the site of the church and tower of St Michael le Pole, Dublin Ailbhe MacShamhráin – The battle of Glenn Máma, Dublin, and the high-kingship of Ireland: a millennial commemoration Barra Ó Donnabháin and Benedikt Hallgrímsson – Dublin: the … Continue reading Medieval Dublin II

Medieval Dublin I

The first of a proposed series of annual public symposia was held in Trinity College, Dublin, in April 1999, with the general object of bringing together experts and enthusiasts, professional and amateur alike, who share an interest in the archaeology of medieval Dublin, the artefacts retrieved as a result of excavation, and the history of … Continue reading Medieval Dublin I