Medieval Dublin I

Medieval Dublin I

The first of a proposed series of annual public symposia was held in Trinity College, Dublin, in April 1999, with the general object of bringing together experts and enthusiasts, professional and amateur alike, who share an interest in the archaeology of medieval Dublin, the artefacts retrieved as a result of excavation, and the history of the city and its hinterland. The more specific object is to provide a forum for dissemination of the results of recent important excavations in and around the medieval city.


Linzi Simpson – Forty years a-digging: a preliminary synthesis of archaeological investigations in medieval Dublin 
Mary Valante  Dublin’s economic relations with hinterland and periphery in the later Viking age 
Alan Hayden – West Side story: archaeological excavations at Cornmarket and Bridge Street Upper, Dublin – a summary report 
Claire McCutcheon – Medieval pottery in Dublin: new names and some dates 
D.L. Swan  Archaeological excavations at Usher’s quay, 1991 
Mary Deevy & Christine Baker – Ring brooches and finger rings from medieval Dublin 
Claire Walsh  Archaeological excavations at the abbey of St Thomas the martyr, Dublin 
Tim Coughlan  The Anglo-Norman houses of Dublin: evidence from Back Lane

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