Medieval Dublin: The living city

This companion volume to Medieval Dublin: The making of a metropolis contains a range of expertise intended both as a tribute to some of Ireland’s most distinguished medieval scholars and as a further contribution by the Friends of Medieval Dublin to their declared policy of diffusing knowledge of the history of this remarkable city.



Aubrey Gwynn, ‘The first bishops of Dublin’
A.L. Elliot, ‘The abbey of St Thomas the Martyr, near Dublin’
Charles McNeill, ‘Hospital of St John without the Newgate, Dublin’
Benedict O’Sullivan, ‘The Dominicans in medieval Dublin’
G.J. Hand, ‘The rivalry of the cathedral chapters in medieval Dublin’
Brian Mac Giolla Phádraig, ‘Fourteenth-century life in a Dublin monastery’
M.V. Ronan, ‘St Patrick’s staff and Christ Church’
R.H.M. Dolley, ‘The Dublin pennies in the name of Sitric Silkbeard in the Hermitage Museum at Leningrad’
R. Dudley Edwards, ‘The beginnings of municipal government in Dublin’
H.F. Berry, ‘Catalogue of the mayors, provosts and bailiffs of Dublin City, A.D. 1229 to 1447’
W.G. Strickland, ‘The ancient official seals of the City of Dublin’
A.J. Otway-Ruthven, ‘The chief governors of medieval Ireland’
A.E.J. Went, ‘Fisheries of the River Liffey’
T.K. Moylan, ‘Vagabonds and sturdy beggars: poverty, pigs and pestilence in medieval Dublin’